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Accounting can serve as a platform that gives you access to a small business consultant in at our firm who understands your financial position — and your desire to maintain and improve that wealth. That’s why real estate investors, successful entrepreneurs, solopreneurs and savvy investors here on expert business consulting services they receive from a personal CPA at our firm.

Your personal CPA in NYC from our firm understands your challenges and seeks to find ways and means to establish internal controls that lead to success in all areas of your life. While providing you with outstanding bookkeeping services, a top business consulting firm gets a better view — from your vantage point — to take in the big picture that you may or may not be able to verbalize. Your books tell the story, and your personal accountant knows how to read that story and help you write the perfect ending.

As your tax advisor, a personal CPA with one of the top business consulting firms in NYC also delivers expertise in:
Deferred tax assets.
Tax Audit Defense.
Tax representation.
International tax issues.

Business consulting firms with specialized accounting experience like our firm bring more than just profits to the table. They also provide you with the peace of mind that makes all your hard work worthwhile. Their focus is on your total well-being and not just the state of your financial statements.

With the exemplary service of experienced auditors, you’ll always know where you stand. If you have a large contingency of employees with pensions and 401(k) plans under your protection, you can assure them they are continually monitored and protected through pension plan audits. Certified internal audits assure investors, donors and stockholders that your finances are stable. And financial statement audit back up your business bookkeeping reports.

NareshKumar CPA LLC brings you a small business consultant with vast experience in every aspect of accounting. It also accounts for your personal goals and aspirations. Business decisions no longer are made in a vacuum. Your family remains protected, as one of the top consulting firms in the city provides you with succession planning. You can enjoy your success and your wealth long after you stop working when you’ve undergone in-depth retirement planning with an accountant who knows you and your values.

When your personal CPA embraces every aspect of your business and your life, your interests always are on the front burner. If you want surprises, go to a music awards ceremony or catch a Mets game. You won’t find surprises when you trust our firm with your financials.

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