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Offshore Staffing for Firms

Offshore Staffing

The single biggest challenge faced by Small and Mid-Size CPA, Accounting & Tax firms today is finding and retaining qualified professional staff. We are proud to say, that today we have been helping numerous firms around the country to sail through this challenge and convert that into an opportunity to grow their firm.

Entigrity Offshore Staffing only works with small and mid-size Accounting Firms. Today, we serve 550+ Accounting firms Nationwide, providing them with qualified and experienced accounting and tax professionals starting at $9/hour. You can Hire Virtual Staff Accountants, Bookkeepers, Tax Preparer or Associates or any other staff position, having the required skills and knowledge for 75% less salaries than in-office staff.


Our three step hiring process is transparent and simple.


Signing up is quite easy. You just need to fill up the signup form present at the top of the page specifying your requirements and we will find candidates who match the criteria most closely.


Tell us your choice about which candidate(s) you liked the most and the best date to have him onboard. We will help with the setup; hence you can have your remote staff fully function for you.


We shortlist candidates as per requirement specifications and present their resumes to you. You can take their video interview and test to be fully assured of their competence.

* Overall time to find the right candidate and shortlist for your evaluation may vary depending upon the required experience and skillset.

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