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Getting started with us is simple. We offer three engagement models for our accounts and bookkeeping outsourcing services, and two models for our payroll outsourcing service to reflect the range of client requirements. These are designed with scalability as a core benefit, which means you can ramp up or scale down your teams without resorting to costly hiring.

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Costing depends on your requirement. We have different pricing models and flexible pricing. From an Ad-hoc model to an FTE one, we also work as per block of hours. In fact, most of our clients prefer block of hours. Some large practices we work with have hired full time employees here and they have their dedicated team working from our office reporting directly to them.

We do require the signing of a 12 months no-obligations contract. you can use our services as you require during the twelve months.

You can give us one accounting or bookkeeping jobs that is up to 10 hours of work that we will do for free, so you can evaluate our service without any commitment.To set up your free trial fill the form at the top of the page.

The preferred method of payment is by wire transfer or by cheque or PayPal. For any other mode of payment, please contact our sales people who will help you.

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