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Data security

Delivery Center Capacity

NKSD Service Pvt Ltd has deployed robust , highly available , scalable & secured processes on
top of Hardware & software Infrastructure to serve its customers across the globe in efficient way .

Highlights as below

  • Office space centrally located in Heart of Palanpur City in INDIA
  • 20+ staff working in USA & Indian shift
  •  Implemented and regularly audited for delivery & enterprise security control
  •  Continuous monitoring & audit of infrastructure availability , response time, capacity, backups , maintenance/Security/backup using enterprise tools and processes
  •  High speed, very reliable fiber-optic , redundant Dedicated Lease lines internet connectivity.
  •  24/7 failsafe power supplies with instant backup.
  •  State of the art network infrastructure

Hardware, Connectivity & Data Centers

For smooth running of NKSD’s Delivery center a dedicated Administrative/Technical team ensures 100% uptime.

Hardware/Technical Setup

  • Latest version used for all Hardware equipments & accessories
  • Gateway Level Security by using Cyber Roam Firewall /UTM
  • Servers in High Availability mode – Active Directory, File, Internal email, Log ,backup , Application and database servers
  • High configuration Intel Quad Core machines with Windows 8/10 , MS Office 2013/2016 and other required Application and Tools installed for the NKSD employees
  • Neox VOIP & IVR solution having facilities like Soft dialers/IP phone for Inbound and Outbound calls, Voice messaging , Call conferencing, call reports etc.
  • L3 Switches , 100/1000 MPBS VLAN
  • Cisco managed Switches and routers

Tools Used

Operating System & Infrastructure Expertise


Security & Authentication

Monitoring , Remote access and Password Vault Manager

Email & Communications Tools


Our organization’s credibility has been built upon Three Pillars of Strength – People, Process, and Practices. All three are interdependent upon the others, and have played the most important role in our success story.

Our people are qualified, experienced, and above all dedicated in keeping the confidentiality intact; Always. Our processes are guided by stringent policies of data and information security that is certified by ISO 27001 standards. Our Physical Infrastructure ensures smooth workflow, and maintains maximum level of security when handling every bit of sensitive information. NKSD proudly boasts the fact that there have been no security breaches at our office till date.

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