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A journey that expands over four years in the accounting and finance industry to becoming one of the leading providers of sound offshore staffing solutions!

15 Dec

NKSD Service Private Limited Was Established

The company initially provided staffing solutions locally to small accounting and tax firms.

22 Oct

NKSD Service Private Limited Expands to National Clients

The company started providing exceptional staffing solutions to small and medium-sized firms.

10 July

NKSD Service Private Limited Goes Global

The company took its firms client, a small North American tax firm.

18 May

NKSD Service Private Limited Becomes a Leading Provider of offshore staffing solutions to North American Firms

The company expanded its client base in North America after getting hired by several well-established firms to provide them with various financial solutions

Our Company Boasts an Excellent Track Record for Our Offshore Staffing and Accounting Services!

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Over 10 Years of providing quality financial services through qualified professionals

During our years of providing accounting and tax firms with comprehensive staffing solutions, our aim has always been to maintain high standards of service and create strong relationships with our clients!

Our vision is to bring the best practices of the Big 4 and other leading accounting firms of hiring from the global talent pool to accounting and tax firms of all sizes!
Our mission is to provide unparalleled services to the accenting community with value-added options to help boost the growth of their bottom line!
We offer value to our clients in terms of increased savings, access to vast industry experience, secure operations, and faster turnaround times!
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