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Information & Data Security

NKSD’s Information & Data Security Policy and controls ensures that all Information Security Management requirements are noticed and are performing. We manages sensitive and vital corporate,customer information securely in addition to ensuring its confidentiality, integrity and availability. We have strong commitment in ensuring that the people, process and technology are secure

NKSD adopts the following safeguards to ensure confidentiality, Integrity and availability of customer’s data:


  • Screening of visitors and employees by a security guard during entry and exit for data storage media
    like CD/DVD, USB drives etc.
  • Restricted access for Personal Emails, Personal Camera phones and Digital recording media.
  • All PCs have disabled USB and CD ROM drives from central Anti Virus & Access Control Software
  • Employees working on BPO, accounting and financial analysis work have access to authorized email and websites only.
  • Access Logs Tracked with gateway Firewall
  • Under camera surveillance at entry , exit doors and Staging areas
  • Bio-metric access combined with card access
  • Lockers for all employees working on BPO, accounting and other financial work

Technical Safeguards:

  • Network / System Level Security
  • Stateful Inspection Firewall
  • Intrusion Prevention System
  • Gateway level Anti-Virus , Anti-Spyware & Anti-Spam
  • Web Application Firewall and Filtering and much more
  • It Facilitates regulatory compliance for PCI-DSS with on-appliance reporting of “who” is,accessing“what”

Email Apps:

NKSD uses O365 Mail server with important data security features enabled like

  • Mail rules per user
  • Mail archive
  • Legal hold of mails – even if they are deleted or archived by users.

User Controls Right and Configuration:

  • NKSD Uses Windows Active Directory ( Domain Controller Server) for setting up user and group policies and saving data at central File Server.
  • Remotedesktopmanager software is used to access Client servers & web applications without giving passwords to users. Besides this user login & action audit trail is maintained with this software
  • Users do not have access to local drives and USB drives. User has to save the data centrally which are regularly backed up using auto backup
  • Limited Software’s are installed on computers of the executive by the system administrator after approval of Chief Technical officer and Process manager.
  • On Computers of managers and above have limited and authorized access of emails and websites.
  • Through access cards, CCTV and other central logging system employees are monitored as a measure against data theft and enhanced security.
  • Access logs and events are regularly monitored and reported to Concern Process manager and management using Cyberroam Firewall.
  • Anti Virus Scans , Infrastructure audit , management , System Patches and Service pack are regularly updated as a part of scheduled maintenance


High Availability & Backups

  • Virtualized Servers are installed and Configured on High availability mode with all data stored in Central storage
  • Full and incremental snap shot backup of all servers and storage are scheduled daily with enterprise backup agents as per policy set
  • Backup restoration drill is carried out as per policy set

DR ( Disaster Recovery) Site

  • In the event of a disaster or other circumstances that bring about the need for contingency operations, critical processes and activities of NKSD can be shifted to Ahmedabad which is around 150 kilometers from The facility has ready to use infrastructure for NKSD with 30 % of NKSD total capacity can be accommodated . Details of this can be viewed in NKSD Business contingency plan
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