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Offshore Staffing for Accounting with NKSD

About Offshore Staffing for Accounting Firms

 Are you looking for a strategy to increase productivity and cut costs at your CPA firm? If so, you might think about hiring an offshore supplier to handle your offshore Staffing for accounting and financial chores. A leading supplier of outsourced financial services is ACTA International. You may rely on us for all of your outsourcing needs.

One of the fundamental components of a corporate organization is financial and accounting services. Therefore, it is the staff and accounting companies’ job to carry out their tasks with the highest care and attention. Knowing the importance of accounting work, several offshore-staffing-for-uk-accounting-firms are using alternative recruiting strategies to create immaculate accounts, such as offshore staffing for accounting businesses.

But what exactly are offshore employees and how do they vary from outsourcing?


Offshore Staffing brings a multitude of benefits for Accounting Firms; greatest of them all is saving considerable labor costs.

Save 75% on Labor Costs
Saving HR Bills & Overheads
No Infrastructure Costs
Transparent Hiring Process
Easy Scalability
No Draconian Compliances
No Additional Cost on Benefits
Direct Control & Management
Flexible hiring Model

Offshore Staffing -

You must first make it clear that outsourcing and offshore staffing are two entirely different employment methods. Offshoring is the practice of moving business operations from one nation to another in an effort to achieve greater productivity and growth. The single biggest challenge faced by Small and Mid-Size ACCA,Accounting & Tax firms today is finding and retaining qualified professional staff.

US Accounting Firms Outsourcing to India can help if you want your personnel but don’t want the stress of managing the team. NKSD Offshore Staffing Services offers a cost-effective approach to fulfilling the demands of your expanding company while also assisting you in scaling it up more quickly.We don’t just offer a few roles; we offer many.

  • Accounting Positions Bookkeeper Preparer of Taxes
  • Outsource Bookkeeping Service
  • Non-Accounting Roles Payroll Clerk Tax Supervisor Accountants
  • Administrative Support Staff Business Development Associate Digital Marketing Assistant

Why Choose Offshore Staffing for Accounting?

Here are the benefits of Offshore Staffing Accounting:

The benefit of hiring specialists who are qualified and committed to their work is what offshore staffing is perfect for. As a result, your capacity for managing accounting and bookkeeping tasks multiplied tenfold. Additionally, you will be able to offer round-the-clock services if you have employed offshore accounting businesses from various time zones, such as India and the US, where there is a 12-hour time difference between them.

Better Adherence

Maintaining compliance is made simpler by offshore accounting. You won’t have to stress about submitting late or incomplete papers or missing tax deadlines. Your outsourced partner can do it in its place.

More Profitable

When compared to the wage provided to local full-time staff, the hourly rate charged by offshore accounting specialists is significantly less. As a result of not having to pay housing allowances, car and fuel allowances, holiday and sick pay allowances for full-time employees, the company becomes more profitable.

Reduced burden on H.R. department

Since the recruiting of people for the accounting department is no longer the duty of the human resources department, more time can be spent on departments that cannot be outsourced, such as production staff. We serve 100+ accounting firms Nationwide providing them with qualified and experienced accounting.

Operational management that is shared

A corporation runs a lot of risks when it hires employees. The items that the company should provide include workspaces, desktops, office supplies, accounting software, and other compliances with work standards like ISO.

Accounting organizations can benefit from a wide range of advantages through offshore staffing for accounting, including increased productivity, flexibility, and profit, all without exerting more effort. Accounting businesses in the US can produce a wide range of additional non-core benefits by putting their confidence in the knowledge of the offshore workforce.


Accounting Roles
Audit Assistant
Management Accountant
Semi Senior Accountant
Practice Accountant
Audit and Accounts Senior
Senior Accountant
Client Manager
Tax Accountant
Non-Accounting Roles
Billing Executive
AR/AP Assistant
Digital Marketing Assistant
Business Development Associate
Admin Support Staff
Social Media Marketer
Virtual/Executive Assistant
Client Service Executive




We help businesses thrive through our client-focused approach, by delivering fast accountancy and taxation services. We care deeply about your financial performance and growth and we achieve this by working hard to build a strong relationship with you.



Offshore Staffing brings a multitude of benefits for Accounting Firms; greatest of them all is saving considerable labor costs.


Signing up is quite easy. You just need to fill up the signup form present at the top of the page specifying your requirements and we will find candidates who match the criteria most closely.


We shortlist candidates as per requirement specifications and present their resumes to you. You can take their video interview and test to be fully assured of their competence.


Tell us your choice about which candidate(s) you liked the most and the best date to have him onboard. We will help with the setup; hence you can have your remote staff fully function for you.

* Overall time to find the right candidate and shortlist for your evaluation may vary depending upon the required experience and skillset.

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