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Here are some of the most frequently asked questions regarding our exceptional offshore staffing and other financial services.

Offshore staffing can be highly beneficial for your business and relieve you from the pesky tasks of handling the day to day finances. You not only get to spend more time focusing on other important aspects of your business, but you also save a considerable amount of labor costs that you would have to pay with local staff.

NKSD Service Private Limited has been providing comprehensive offshore accounting and staffing services for over ten years to various small and medium-sized firms in North America.

NKSD Service Private Limited remote staff is provided at about a third of the typical salary paid to local staff. Organizations also save a lot of money by eliminating the need for infrastructure, including office space and equipment at the office due to remote working. There are also no recruitment or training costs, no medical allowances, or other benefits. Overall, a firm stands to save almost 75% on labor costs by hiring offshore staff.


The biggest benefits of hiring NKSD Service Private Limited for your offshore staffing needs include:

  • Better internal control by delegating the task of maintaining books and accounts to independent people
  • Saving significant labor and human resource costs
  • Increase in productivity and efficiency by hiring the top global talent
  • Faster and better services from professionals with extensive financial industry experience
  • Savings in technology and infrastructure costs
  • More flexibility regarding workload and strict adherence to deadlines

It is entirely possible to hire an entire team to handle your financial transactions and bookkeeping. However, you need to identify the requirements for your organization first, which includes the workload and hours of work and whether it is enough to keep the entire team occupied. At NKSD Service Private Limited, we usually recommend starting with one or two persons if you have never hired offshore staff before. If you feel like they are a good fit for your organization, we can help you hire more staff to join your team.

We maintain the highest standards of quality by hiring only the best candidates from the global talent pool for our clients. We promise honesty and integrity to our clients and guarantee the confidentiality of their finances through the most stringent security protocols.

There are zero risks of losing control because you will be the sole owner of the books, and all transactions will be controlled and approved by you. There are appropriate clauses mentioned in our contract, which include a non-disclosure agreement that ensures the security and confidentiality of your books.

At NKSD Service Private Limited, we provide a range of financial solutions that are not limited to offshore staffing. We also offer additional services such as financial advisory, tax preparation, auditing, payroll management, and financial app and web development. We aim to provide complete financial solutions to all our clients under one roof.

At NKSD Service Private Limited, our hourly rates start from as little as $9/hour depending on the level of skill and experience required by our client.

We offer a convenient weekly billing cycle to our clients through a simple online process.

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