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Strategic Financial Planning

Strategic Financial Planning

Strategic Financial Planning
Developing a business plan is a process that successful executives and entrepreneurs in U.S recognize as not just vital, but pivotal. Employing strategic business planning in U.S into every aspect of your wealth management is a skill that requires

  • Experience in business consulting
  • A keen understanding of the role of financial accountability
  • An in-depth approach to every aspect of your unique financial position


Strategic financial planning is efficient, realistic and analytical. Just like developing a business plan, personal financial strategies follow a set of steps designed to reach expected goals. Each strategic plan is as distinct and individual as you and your business interests.

An effective strategic business plan begins with a vision and creates processes that result in reaching your financial goals. That only can be done by allocating resources appropriately and tracking results as they occur. Your resources, financial goals and financial performance are intricately tied together. The business planning in NYC and strategic personal wealth planning are designed to create a path that you can follow to achieve the success of your dreams.

Strategic business planning to achieve both personal and business goals follow similar steps:

  1. Create a vision. Just as you wouldn’t begin a road trip without a specific destination in mind, so you don’t want to throw your resources haphazardly around, hoping they’ll end up where you need them to be. The first step in learning how to write a strategic financial plan is to clearly define your aspirations, spell out your priorities and articulate your ideals.
  2. Define your mission. In business, this is called a mission statement; in life, it’s called a purpose. Strategic financial planning requires that you know why you’re striving for independence, how strongly you’re committed to do what it takes to be successful and why your philosophies make you strong.
  3. Analyze the landscape. This stage of the process is where an honest appraisal of your financial strengths, weaknesses, potential opportunities and threats from the outside contribute to your overall plan. Businesses refer to this as a SWOT assessment. It’s a classic model of interpretation that fits well into your CPA’s role as both accountant and advisor. The analysis of your finances is required in preparing a strategic financial plan that’s both realistic and workable.
  4. Formulate a plan. During this phase of the strategic business planning process, you may:
    1. Undergo a tax audit
    2. Receive some level of due diligence consulting.
    3. Choose specific products for retirement planning
  5. Implement the plan and manage your finances. While you take the time to put all the financial bricks into place, you rely on your personal accountants at nareshKumar CPA LLC to monitor your progress and let you know when it’s time to make changes or stay the course. When you use the accounting services of a top U.S accounting firm for developing a business plan and personal financial strategy, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel with every tax preparation or capital gains decision. Your personal CPAs are with you from the start.

Allow your personal CPAs at Nareshkumar CPA LLC to provide cash flow management and to monitor each benchmark with metrics you’ve established in your strategic business plan. These may include:

  • Financial stability. You need to have the cash flow you need to maintain your lifestyle while preparing for future investments and retirement goals.
  • Managing your assets. Your assets and your liabilities require vigilant monitoring so you can ride financial cycles, take advantage of tax opportunities and reduce liabilities in the long run.
  • Allocating resources. A reasonable blend of investments and trade-offs — coupled with a sound and productive portfolio — ensures that you maintain a viable financial plan.
  • Risk assessment. Your level of exposure is equally as important as the level of risk you take to increase your wealth. With our firm due diligence leads to sound financial footing.
  • Optimizing taxes. As experts in tax preparation, your CPAs strive to reduce your tax burden in well-considered moves implemented during the strategic business planning process.
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