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If you have any questions about avoiding an IRS audit or getting help if you’re about to have one, call a leading CPA firm in NYC with our offices in NYC.

When you receive a letter from the Internal Revenue Service telling you that they’re going to audit your business or personal tax returns, it can send a shiver of dread down your spine. The purpose of an IRS audit is to examine your returns for errors or omissions. The IRS can be relentless when pursuing taxes owed, which is why so many people fear the process.

In some cases, an IRS audit determines whether you’ve purposefully or inadvertently committed any tax fraud. Most cases find nothing erroneous, but because of their methodical processes, the IRS will find any problems and mistakes you made when filing your return. Rely on an experienced tax accounting firm in NYC like our firm

* Prepare and file your taxes
* Perform a voluntary small business tax audit before the IRS even sees your return
* Provide tax representation in the event of an audit
* Help you with tax resolution services to resolve your tax disputes
* Stop a tax levy, wage garnishment or property seizure
* Negotiate a payment plan or an Offer in Compromise

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